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Cash Register Software

Every manager’s headache is keeping up sales, ordering stock and taking inventory. Cashiers always seem to come up short at the end of the day and then forced to track daily sales and try to balance the numbers. As if that’s not enough, products in stock “disappear” every now and then. Whether it was sold and unaccounted for or got lost in transit no one will ever know! These are some of the troubles managers face due to their manual cash registers. Perhaps it’s time you upgraded to the ever efficient cash register software and breathe easy when managing your store.

Cash register software built and provided by Computerlink  transforms your retail management experience in such that you save a lot of time serving your customers and managing your staff. The inventory management systems provided for by the computerized cash register is easy to use yet very powerful.

Cash Register Software

Cash Register Software

Top features of Computerlink inventory management system

1.   Product maintenance

A computerized inventory enables you to add new products in the system. The products’ details such as description, product code and barcode number ensure that every single product in your stock is accounted for such that once it is sold the computer gets it off the stock list. Whenever you are running low on supply the system will automatically detect and let you know. You can also alter details and delete products that you don’t sell anymore.

2.   Order processing

Inventories systems make it so much easier to make orders. The up-to-date inventory database lets you know which products need ordering such that you do not promise clients products that are out of sell. The system lets you process customers’ orders fast and efficiently. Whenever an order is made, the inventory will run the order and provide information such as the products’ availability and where it is located in the store.

3.   Discount Structure

This is an important feature on a computerized inventory as you can easily set discounts on products by group or supplier. This will save a lot of money as it will prevent over/under pricing of products. Moreover, special discounts can be set for VIP customers. Easy management of discounts helps in clearance sales and running promotions.

4.   Over supply alert

Mismanagement of the inventory order process can cost the store a lot of money, for example, when you make orders on items that you do not need at the time. However, you can avoid such costly mistakes by using a computerized system that alerts you whenever you try to make orders of items already in stock.

5.   Stock take

Since a computerized inventory system tracks items from the moment they are listed to when they are sold out, you can easily keep track of your stock and save a lot of time from manually counting every item in your shop.

It’s quite clear that you can do a lot in the shortest time when it comes to inventory management cash register software. Contact Computerlink and make an order for one of their cash register systems. They are the upgrade your business needs for more accurate and efficient management. Visit now.

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